The course duration for all the production softwares is 2 months & the classes will be conducted twice a week. There are 10 modules, two running concurrently every week with as much practice time as you can handle outside of the two lecture days.


Introduction to DJing
  • How It All Started (History Of DJing)

  • Course Overview

  • Discussion & Understanding Of Genres In Music

  • Understanding Beats & Bar Pattern

  • Introduction to Pioneer Rekordbox and file management

Basic Beat Matching
  • How To Detect BPM/Tempo Using Pioneer Mixers / BPM Counters

  • Understanding The Structure Of Dance Music / Beats, Bars And Phrasing

  • Beat Matching Different Tracks (Pitching & Bending)

  • Practice Phrase Alignment/ Synchronising Beats For Mixes

Looping & Hot Cues
  • Creating/ Adjusting Loops Using Pioneer CDJs

  • Beat Matching With Quantized Loops

  • Creating/Triggering Hot Cue Points On XDJ 1000 MkII

  • Learn How To Use Any CDJ To Create A Hot Cue For Repeated Triggering

  • Using Loops To Create Build Up Effects To Hype The Crowd

Harmonic Mixing
  • Analyse And Detect The Key Of Tracks For Perfect Harmonic Mixes

  • Understanding Music Formats/Sound Quality

  • Using Pioneer's Rekordbox Software To Prepare Your Music

  • Importing Music  Without Losing Sound Quality

  • Mic’ing Techniques

  • Plan & Perform A DJ Set Using The Latest Equipments

  • Digital DJ Tips

  • Record, Edit & Upload Your Mix Online


Equipment Set-up

  • Introduction to Pioneer CDJs/Mixer

  • Equipment/Mixer Functions & Connections

  • Fade Mixing: Basic Transitions Using The Volume Faders

  • Cueing Techniques/Setting A Cue Point On Pioneer CDJs

Beat Matching & Creative Mixing

  • Using EQ Controls For Blend Mixing

  • Cross-Fader Technique – Using The Cross fader To Chop Up Beats/Vocals Etc.

  • Structuring A Mix

  • How To Synchronise Tracks Using BPM Counters (Trade Secrets Of Pro DJs)

Creating & Recording A Mix Set

  • Introduction To Mix-Meister Fusion

  • Learn How To Connect Equipment For External Recording

  • Tag Creation Using  Loops & Samples

  • Record Your Own Demo Mix in RekordBox

  • Basic Recording And Editing Techniques

Effects Session

  • Creating A Delay Effect With Two Identical Tracks

  • Using The Mixer's 'Delay' & 'Echo' Effects To Enhance Your Mixes

  • Using The 'Roll' And 'Filter' Effects

  • Transitions Between Different Genres Using Effects

Promotion & Industry Know-How

  • Tips & Advice On How To Promote Yourself

  • Writing a DJ Profile

  • Creating An Online Presence

  • Building Your DJ Brand / Create A DJ logo

  • Tips On How To Prepare For Professional Gigs