The course duration for music production per D.A.W is 3 months which include 1 month Music Theory on keyboard & the classes will be conducted twice a week. There are 10 modules, two running concurrently every week with as much practice time as you can handle outside of the two lecture days.


Introduction to Keys, Name of keys, Scales, Chords, Bass, chord progression. 

Beat Making

Making drums for different genres, using & creating loops, chopping and slicing of samples, drum programming and processing.

Sampling, Recording

How to Modify a sample or loop to use into your production. 

How to structure songs with proper intro, verse, bridge, chorus format. 

Song Arrangement
Music Business.

Understanding Music & copyright laws, how to protect your original work, how to promote them to reach mass audience

Audio Theory

How Sound functions, frequency, Perception, modulation, conversion. etc.

Using plugins to create sounds from scratch and how to modify a preset to get the sound you want.


Understanding Midi technology, connecting Midi devices, Recording Midi instruments. 

Mixing & Mastering 

How to Eq and process the sounds to mix together and create a perfectly balanced mix and then the correct mastering technique to make the tracks Ready for release on different mediums. 

Music Theory